Fashion Friday – Vintage Ghana

In honour and memory of Teodora Beatrice Aisiedu

This post was inspired by some sad news.  My supervisor at work (Samuel) lost his mom this week, she passed away on Tuesday at the age of 77.  Today Samuel asked me for help editing some pictures he has of her and as I was going through them I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful and stylish she was.  I asked if I could share the pictures on my blog and he graciously gave me permission to do so.  I also asked if he could tell me a bit about his mom.

Teodora Beatrice Aisiedu was born in 1935 in the village of Apesokubi, in the Volta region of Ghana.  She worked as a nurse and midwife from 1968 until she retired in 2001;  and was known as an especially skillful midwife sought out by many people in rural areas.  She had three children of her own, Samuel and his two sisters.  Teodora loved singing, which she taught in church and also had a passion for cooking.

When I asked Samuel to tell me something he will always remember about his mom, he told me that she was incredibly loving and generous.  She always wanted to give him the best she could.  She also used to tell him that he didn’t dress well; but when she bought or made him clothes he wouldn’t wear them (he describes his style as simple).

Keep Samuel and his family in your thoughts and prayers, and enjoy these pictures of Ghanaian style from back in the day.

That’s Samuel in the middle

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One thought on “Fashion Friday – Vintage Ghana

  1. Hilda & Geoffrey

    She does look beautiful and I can tell she was very good and generous like he said. My condolences to Samuel and his family.

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